Bid and buy your vehicles direct from Japan Auctions

What are Japanese Used Vehicle Auctions?

All the Japanese Auto Auction Companies are registered with JAPAN Auction Association and is the best place where vehicle owners sell their vehicles. These FJapanese Auto Auction companies’ posses registered and qualified inspectors who check the engine, meters, interior and exterior of vehicle and grade the vehicle according to the condition.

The auction inspector’s checking report will include, whether the vehicle odometer has been changed or replaced. After that they will fix the date for auction and the details of the vehicle will be published on their auction system.

In Japan all the registered dealers bid and buy their vehicles from these auctions, and they have to be a registered member with the auction companies to bid and buy their vehicles.

There are plenty of auction companies around the world. But, Japanese used vehicle auction companies are renowned world-wide amongst used vehicle enthusiasts due to the following advantages.


  • Certified by the Japanese Auction Inspectors
  • Cheapest way to buy a vehicle
  • Low in Mileage
  • High Quality
  • High Technology
  • Many Models

What is the Bid Price?

After selecting a vehicle in the auction, you have to suggest your maximum price that you can offer to purchase selected vehicle. Your maximum price refers as bid price.

What is Bidding?

Once you have finalized your bid price, you can confirm by e-mail to the Bidding Staff. Once the vehicle is displayed on auction house screen, there will be several bids from different bidders.

he bidding staff will commence bidding the vehicle of your choice with other bidders up-to the maximum bid offered by you. In the event of other bids being lower than yours, you will win the bid, if your bid price reaches seller’s price.

You may await results of each of your bids and decide whether you should bid for another vehicle. For every online bid, there is small fee has to be paid to the auction company. In some cases, the vehicle selected by you will be settled for a lower figure than what you have offered. In such a case, you have to pay only the successful winning price, which will be displayed after few hours or on the following date once the bidding for the vehicle selected by you is over.

Sometimes the owner of the vehicle might not agree to settle the Vehicle with prices offered by the bidders. In such cases some agree to negotiate and sell it or they remove the vehicle from the auction and put it into another auction house on another day.

By contacting the bidding staff at you can select and bid on variety of vehicles every day till you are successful.

Why Japanese used vehicles have Low Mileage (KM)?

Japan has an excellent public transport system and a very good network on expressways. The average speed of traffic away from these toll roads is very low due to lights and congestion. In addition, a strict and expensive Government inspection (the test calls “Shaken” road worthiness test), has to be done every 2 years from the 3rd year of the brand new vehicle purchased date. Hence, vehicle owners are inclined to buy brand new vehicles and leave their used vehicles in auction.

Why Japanese used vehicles have High Quality?

Japanese people buy brand new vehicles from the authorized manufacture (maker) dealers and maintain them carefully. The “Shaken” road worthiness test and the way they are driven at a low mileage ensure the advantage of using Japanese used vehicles compared with similar vehicles in other countries.

Why Japanese used vehicles have High Technology?

Japanese have excelled in technology and have introduced many technical and electronic options in vehicles. Even basic model vehicle are of a high technological status.

Why Japanese used vehicles have many Models?

Most of the car manufacturers in Japan produce New Models every three years, to motivate people buying vehicles. Hence, hundreds of new models have flooded the market.

Why Japanese new vehicle are cheap and used vehicles are cheaper?

The Japanese Vehicle manufactures target is to be the world leading manufactures in this trade. Achieving this status means, selling more vehicle than the other manufacturers. The prices of vehicles are thereby kept low by selling more vehicles year by year. This creates a flood of used vehicle at a low price.

Car Damages:

A1: Scratch (Fist Size)

A2: Scratch (2 Palm Size)

A3: Scratch (Larger Than A2)

U1: Dent (Thumb Size)

U2: Dent (Palm Size)

U3: Dent (Larger Than U2)

W1: Wavy Panel (Fine)

W2: Wavy Panel

W3: Wavy Panel (Conspicuous)

Y1: Hole 2 Crack (Thumb Size)

Y2: Crack (Palm Size)

Y3: Crack (Larger Than Y2)

C1: Corrosion

C2: Corrosion (Hole)

E: Tiny Dent

R: Chap Repaired

RX: Chap Repaired Needs Replacing

S: Rust

X: Needs Replacing

XX: Replaced

W: Repaired

G: Stone Chip (Window)

H: Paint Blur

P: Need To Be Repainted

B: Dent (Needs Metal – Sheeting)

D: Desorption